This Man Wrecked His Pricey Aston Martin To Save A Stray Dog's Life

This man lived every car fanatic's worst nightmare while trying to save a pup's life.

Humanity is still alive, and this Indian man proved it by ramming his expensive Aston Martin Vantage – worth roughly $470,000 – into a roadside tree in an attempt to save a stray animal.

Identified as Ashish Sabharwal, the owner of the exotic car claims he was on his way to Chanakyapuri, a neighborhood in New Delhi, when he saw a dog crossing the road. Like any other man with a conscience, he made a split second decision to swerve left and avoid running over the canine, subsequently losing control of his vehicle. The car crashed against a tree on the pavement near Italian Embassy.

Fortunately, the airbags deployed and saved Sabharwal from any potential injuries.

The Aston Martin, however, was not as lucky. As it appears, the bonnet and the front grille of the car were completely mangled due to the impact along with the engine, which was heavily damaged. The police had to call in a special crane to haul away the scrunched up vehicle from the accident site.

Eyewitnesses confirmed driver's claims, adding that the dog escaped unhurt, and since there were no major injuries or much damage to the public property, the police decided to not register the case.

The vehicle is an Aston Martin V8 Vantage model with a 4,735 cc engine that can clock a top speed of 300 kmph (186 mph), according to the Times of India.

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