Can This Pink Radio Cab Prevent Rape In India?

How sustainable is this novel idea? The latest service that offers to protect women in India from rape is this funky looking pink taxi operated by female drivers that makes use of a panic button and pepper spray.

Pink Cab Service

Recently, headlines told of an Uber driver accused of raping a woman in India. While rape in India is as common as 93 rapes occurring daily – and there is no disregarding the seriousness of the matter – a taxi service like this has its perks and downsides. 

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Meru Cab is an already established radio cab service. Its chief executive, Siddhartha Pahwa, said the Uber incident “forced all of us to think how we can make roads safer for women.” Hence, the 20 cabs by women for women were launched in the capital city as part of the Meru Eve initiative.

They collaborated with the Delhi police and seem to be hopeful that not only will this make women feel safer when it comes to using public transport, but also provide employment opportunities as the business grows.

It looks nice and shiny in its coat of pink paint– but how effective is this in the long run?

Other taxi services such as ForShe Taxis and Sakha Cabs had the same idea. The former ended up closing down. Meru-Eva is hopeful to grow into a service with a fleet of 2,500 cabs within a span 12-18 months. But to do that, they would need the right customers – and if history is any indication – that has been proven as a difficult task.  

To paint a pretty pink picture even bluer, the umbrella company that it operates under, Meru Cab seems to fluctuate between profit and loss over the years.

Lastly, there’s no way to tell how many women can actually afford taxi services – let alone one that needs to start making money really fast in order to sustain itself. 

For rape to be prevented, perhaps the solution lies elsewhere and not in a pink taxi service.

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