Indian Premier League: India’s Dream Gone Sour!

From the days of glory, fanfare and aplomb, Indian Premier League has sunk to depths of despair and disrepute!

Indian Premier League

From the days of glory, fanfare and aplomb, Indian Premier League has sunk to depths of despair and disrepute!

The last couple of years have been less than satisfactory and the spice of the original idea has waned off.

In the latest, and by far the most decisive downers, three cricketers, ShanthakumaranSreesanth, Ajit Chadila and Ankeet Chavan representing Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League (IPL) were arrestedlast week on charges of spot-fixing.

A tweet, since deleted from Sreesanth’s Twitter account:

Indian Premier League:

The three were flown to Delhi and have been in police custody since.

In a statement issued by Royals on Sunday, the franchise said they would file FIRs to help the police carry out the investigation. "It is critical that this evil is rooted out of the game, and as such we will be filing FIRs with the Delhi Police. This will ensure that justice is pursued to its most complete end, and that the police is able to appropriately conduct its investigation."

The BCCI has appointed a commission  of an inquiry into the spot-fixing, to be headed by its Anti-Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU).

Former Indian captain Anil Kumble wants the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to take lead from the International Cycling Union (UCI) in case of Lance Armstrong, and wipe out the records of those found guilty of match fixing.

The dark tale is getting shadowy day by day with the names of more domestic cricketers cropping up.

This is ironically a reprise of what happened to three Pakistani cricketers. The hoo-ha the Indian media made back then, must be coming back to haunt them! Pakistani players, formerly disgraced by the IPL itself must be feeling ripples of sweet retribution by fate.

It is evident that corruption, spot fixing, match fixing and gambling are widespread in not only cricket but all sports.

It is easy to slip when so much money is involved for any player. The need is for effective preventive action, competent investigation and tough punishment.

It is paradoxical that the BCCI and International Cricket Council are unable to monitor suspicious activities of players despite the high-stake bookie-conducted illegal shenanigans that have come to light over the years.

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But getting away with wrong doings is easy these days and add to that the fact that people have very short memories, the episode may just blow away. But that would be a grave injustice and a pretext of more corruption and foul play to follow.

However, cricket lovers, especially the ones in India feel betrayed and are not in a very forgiving mood!

Indian Premier League:


Indian Premier League:

Indian Premier League:

But seriously speaking, with all the moral talk of sports, and morals, one wonders if it even applies in this case? For, when has IPL been anything but a big celebration of capitalism in the name of cricket? Lets face it, IPL is more of a money making sensation than a serious game!

This fact leaves one with the dreadful feeling that this will be treated as an episode of thrill and suspense and forgotten soon.

In the name of sanctity of sports and sportsmanship we hope this is not the case.

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