12-Year-Old Texas Boy Arrested After Bully Makes False Allegation

“Please help stop the discrimination,” the boy’s elder brother pleaded.

It's like Texans didn't learn anything from the debacle of Ahmed Mohammad, the “Clock Boy,” from September.

Now it's 12-year old Armaan Singh Sarai in the new, arrested on a false allegation of bringing a bomb to school, last week. Texas authorities arrested the preteen after a class bully thought “it would be funny” to accuse him of carrying a bomb, says Ginee Haer, a cousin of the accused, on her Facebook post that has gone viral.

Sikh Boy Arrested

The seventh-grader was detained at a juvenile center at Dallas for three days.

In his statement, Armaan said he thought his classmate was joking about telling a teacher that Armann had brought a bomb to school. A day earlier, the same person had made a quip about Armaan’s battery charger looking like a bomb. However, to the Sikh boy’s astonishment, the police arrived later that day and took him into custody without any investigation.

The incident comes a few months after a similar case emerged in Irving, Texas, when 14- year old Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school; his English teacher thought it could be a bomb. Mohamed was later released and cleared of all charges but the blatant display of discrimination against the Muslim boy irked the Islamic community and international media across the world.

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However, as it appears, racial profiling is no longer limited to just the Muslim communities. A few days ago a Sikh store owner in Michigan was shot in the face by a robber who demanded money and accused the shop owner of being part of the terrorist organization ISIS because of his Asian appearance.

Aksh D. Singh, Armaan’s older brother, talked about the latest incident on his Facebook page, pleading for an end to discrimination against non-white Americans. He also posted a screen shot of an email to Armaan's school principal Julie Harcrow, pointing out other students had also been joking about carrying bomb but Armaan was the only one arrested.

“My little brother Armaan Singh, 12 years of age, a loved kid by many, was taken from school to Kimbo Juvenile center because he AND other students were joking about bomb threats,” Singh posted. “I know we live in a time where such an accusation is serious, but this is outrageous and I demand a justified reason for why a 12-year-old INDIAN boy was taken into police custody and sent to a jail.”

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