Frustrated Travelers Go On A Rampage At Airport, Hold Workers Hostage

These guys are definitely winning for worst airport story.

Thousands stranded in Indonesia as flights delayed due to holidays

Frustrated passengers went on an angry rampage at an airport in Indonesia due to excessive delays in flights – resulting in the need for 500 police officers to stabilize the situation.

According to local media, airline workers were held hostage at Indonesia’s Soekarno-Hatta International airport in Jakarta.

How did it get to this? It escalated to the point where the authorities had to get involved after a series of incidents best described as a “domino” effect, as stated by an airline representative.

lion air delay

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Last week, Lion Air, a low-cost airline grounded 16 flights due to damage to three of its aircrafts, citing “foreign objects” as the reason.

The fact that thousands were traveling on account of Chinese New Year did not help with the chaos that followed.

Protocols weren't followed and many customers were disappointed that Lion Air was unable to refund them their airfare – due to low staff and banks being closed.

Indonesia Airport
So that eventually added up to the frustrated travelers who were stranded at the airport.

The final straw was when, in an attempt to clear the backlog of thousands of delayed passengers, Lion Air canceled all of its flights scheduled to depart from 5 p.m. till midnight on Friday.

The lack of explanation, no food or accommodation available despite being stranded at the airport for over 24 hours and growing discontent finally boiled over into violence.

By Sunday however, with the authorities getting involved, peace was restored and Lion Air’s schedule was on track.

Airports lately have been getting a lot of bad press lately – and hopefully incidents like this will result in both better management and more patient travelers.

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