Infidelity Dating Site Ashley Madison Creates Marketing Campaign Around Mark Sanford's Affair

by, a dating site for affairs, sees Mark Sanford's very public extramarital affair as a marketing opportunity.

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There are many theme dating sites out there: Farmers Only, Sexy Vampires, Redheads, etc., but Ashley Madison is a site that caters to something both specific and immoral: extramarital affairs. That's why, where Republicans see an embattled candidate for Congress, Ashley Madison sees a marketing opportunity. Mark Sanford is the Republican candidate in the special election in South Carolina's 1st District. Sanford served as Governor in South Carolina, and is best known for...wait for extramarital affair. He's the guy who said he was hiking the Appalachian Trail when really he was with his lover in Argentina, using tax payer dollars, no less.

Now, Sanford is engaged to his once-mistress, and is facing off against Elizabeth Colbert-Busch (Stephen Colbert's sister) to be the next Congressperson from South Carolina. In a bit of dubious free advertising, Ashley Madison has put up billboards around South Carolina showing a large picture of Sanford with the words, "Next time use..." and then below that, a lady with her finger to her lips and the text: " to find your running mate."

I only have one question about this. It's not why does a site like exist. I know the answer to that: it's legal, there's a market for it, and people are willing to supply that market. It's also not why are they doing this marketing campaign. It's getting national attention, thousands, maybe millions of people know their name now. No, my question is this:

Why did it take so long for Republicans to realize that running Mark Sanford was a bad idea?

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