Innocent People The Cops Accidentally Killed

When you have to act quickly, it's hard to tell the victim apart from the criminal. It's unfortunate that this cost these innocent men their lives.

When a terrified caller told the L.A. police that a man with a knife is threatening to attack people, they rushed to the scene. As soon as the cops reached the West Hollywood apartment, they saw an injured and bloodied man rushing with another individual just ahead of him. That is when they opened fire.  

But the man they shot was an innocent hostage trying to run from the assailant, who was wielding a 10-inch butcher knife. Thirty-year-old John Winkler, an aspiring television producer, died at a hospital.

He was a hardworking man and had moved to L.A. from Washington just six months ago. Winkler was just hired by Comedy Central as a production assistant on “Tosh.0.”

The Los Angeles County is deeply unsettled by the error."Taking the life of an innocent person is a police officer's greatest nightmare,” said Interim Los Angeles County Sheriff John Scott.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. In the heat of the moment, law enforcers in the U.S. have made errors in judgment that have cost innocent people their lives.

Reynaldo Cuevas A 20-year-old Shop Worker

In September 2012, a 20-year-old worker at a Bronx bodega was shot and killed by the NYPD as he ran away from an armed robbery at a store.


Andrew 'Drew' Scott’ – 26-year-old Pizza Delivery Driver

In July 2012, the police went to the wrong apartment in Florida and shot dead an innocent pizza delivery driver in his own home.

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