Instead Of Christmas Decorations, This Man Displays Racist Messages

A Virginia man has been arrested for the second time this year for displaying threatening, racist symbols and messages in his front yard.

A Virginia man has now been arrested twice for, basically, being hateful and racist.

Jack Eugene Turner was arrested back in June after drawing community outrage for hanging a noose in his yard with a dark-colored life-size dummy attached as a message to his black neighbors with whom he had an ongoing dispute.

Turner was found guilty of violating a 2009 Virginia statute that prohibits hanging a noose to intimidate someone, a felony that carries penalties ranging from no jail time to up to five years in prison and fines of $2,500, The Roanoke Times reports.

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“He stated that he was a racist and he did like black people but did not like n-----s,” Franklin County sheriff’s Capt. Paul Caldwell reportedly said in court.

After his first arrest, witnesses said, Turner also started draping Confederate flags in his windows, according to The Roanoke Times. 

Turner was actually due to be sentenced for the first crime next week.

Most recently, he put a sign in his front yard that read,

“N----- lives don’t matter. Got rope?”

After the first incident, Turner was released on bond under the condition that he didn’t put up any more racist symbols or messages on his property. Seeing as how he has disobeyed those orders, his sentencing will likely be affected as a result.

Apparently, being racist is more important than enjoying his freedom.

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