International Hijab day-The right to Choose! (Video)

Since 2004, September 4th has been celebrated as International Hijab Day world wide. The Assembly for the Protection of Hijab declared the day to celebrates the Muslim women’s right to wear hijab and cover up according to their religious norm.

The show of solidarity on 4th September is expected to provide Muslim women with the support and strength in order to fight for their rights.

The day is being celebrated in Pakistan as well. The right wing religious and political parties are launching a drive to promote wearing of Hijab, going as far as asking for it to be made constitutional!

That is defying the purpose of a day that demands the right of women to dress in a way that they and their way of life deems fit. Indeed they have the right and it is protected by international law as well. But going the other extreme and demanding for a certain way of dressing to be made compulsory beats the freedom the day demands.

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