Internet Star Sweet Brown Sues Apple Inc.


Known for her catchphrase, Ain’t nobody got time for that,” internet star Sweet Brown(real name Kimberly Wilkins) is suing AppleInc., saying she was defrauded.

Sweet Brownbecame popular when her interview with an Oklahoma news station went viral in which she talked about an apartment fire she escaped.

After the interview Sweet Brown was everywhere and everyone was talking about her. Then someone from Bob Rivers Show called Wilkins and turned clips from her interview in a pop song, which was then posted on iTunes but she claims that she never gave consent to her image or words being set to music.

The lawsuit by Wilkens and business partner Sparkell Adams sought $15 million from Apple initially but a revised filing doesn't say how much money the two are seeking
Her case is at present pending in federal court. What do you think about this unexpected lawsuit? Let us know with your comments

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