Internet’s Adored Rose And Trolls: 6-Year-Old Progeria Fighter Faces Death Hoax & Internet’s Vile Nature

Internet’s beloved Adalia Rose just like any six-year-old has a heart of gold. She enjoys singing, dancing and dressing up.

Adored Rose

Internet’s beloved Adalia Rose just like any six-year-old has a heart of gold. She enjoys singing, dancing and dressing up.

The youngster, from Round Rock, Texasand born with Progeria, a disease that is making her tiny body age much times faster than normal, is a true fighter. She lives life to its fullest.

Rose’s Facebook, which has 6 million fans, is flooded with thousands and thousands of emails and inbox messages as reported by the Daily mail. She has received much unwanted attention by being in the public eye has become a victim of death hoax and evil abuse because she suffers from a rare condition which according to research offers a lifespan of only 13 years.

Adored Rose

Due to her illness little Rose cannot go to school, she is bald and mostly mistaken as a boy. People also give her some strange looks but her parents, Natalia Amozurrutia and her stepfather Ryan Pallante, tell her that they look at her because 'they've never seen an angel,' they told

This little angel’s websiteactually reveals how loving and caring Adalia is. Here’s what it reads.

Adored Rose

Rose became an internet sensation last year when her mother decided to set up a Facebook page, where she can share her daughter’s progress with friends and family.

Natalia shares many of her daughter’s photos in which she is just posing like a doll. She has also posted videos of her singing to Vanilla Ice's 'Ice, Ice, Baby' and dancing to Gangnam Style.

Many people loved her but some just don’t like her. Groups called 'Adalia Rose should have been aborted’and 'Adalia Rose is a veiny testicle head' began to emerge.

The negativity reached to a point where rumors were spread online that Adalia is dead and within no time several RIP Adalia pages popped up.

The rumor came out to be a hoax when Natalia logged on to Facebook to tell the truth...

'NO ADALIA HAS NOT PASSED AWAY!!!!,'she wrote on July 27. 'She is healthy and happily sleeping in her bed having sweet dreams!'

What we here need to understand is that it’s okay if you cannot relate to someone or his/her condition but at least you can empathize, so just let your opinion be with you only.

We need to stop playing with the term ‘freedom of expression’ on social media.  

You need to decide what’s good and what’s not. It’s not important to pass on your unnecessary and vile judgments on everything.

You can read more about Adalia and watch her videos over here.

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