Interviewing Reza Aslan Is Not that Difficult Fox News, Take it from Sister Rose Pacatte (VIDEO)


Religious scholar Reza Aslan was interviewed by National Catholic reporter, Sister Rose Pacatte who asked all the ‘right’ questions unlike Lauren Green from Fox News.

The Fox News host during the interview, which has been described the single most cringe-worthy, embarrassing interview on Fox News, just couldn’t get over the fact that a Muslim could write a book about Christianity.

Aslan, a professor at the University of California was on Fox News to discuss his book, “Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth,” had to repeat at least twice that he holds four degrees, one in the New Testament, is fluent in biblical Greek, and has been studying the Bible for two decades, and the fact that he was a Muslim just doesn’t come in to it.

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But Sister Rose Pacatte proved that she is a better interviewer (and a person with a normal IQ). She asked that many mainstream Catholics believed “everything in the Bible is true and some of it really happened.”

Part of the foundation of evangelical Christianity is the conception that scripture is God-breathed, it’s inerrant, it’s literal, every word of it is actual fact and truth,” Aslan said. “Well, from an academic perspective what’s fascinating about that is that’s a very new idea. I think a lot of the people who believe that think that’s what Christians have always thought for 2,000 years. That notion of inerrancy is only about 100, 120 years old.”

Aslan was also asked about his personal faith to which he replied, “I’m perfectly comfortable with everybody else’s well, even though there particular sets of symbols and metaphors are ones that are less familiar to me.”

Well, that wasn’t very difficult. Was that Lauren Green? Just asking.

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