GOP Senate Candidates Want Judges To Follow 'God's Law,' Not The Constitution

Iowa GOP Senate candidates set the bar at a new low for their criteria to confirm federal judges.

Republican Senate candidates in Iowa are ready to get started on one of the Senate's primary responsibilities, confirming judicial nominees. Well, actually, they're ready to get started on blocking President Obama's nominees.

This video clip is chockfull of ways to get around that whole pesky separation of church and state tradition we have in the U.S.

Joni Ernst promises to make sure judicial nominees know our laws "came from God," while Matt Whitaker wants to know more about nominees' world view. As long as that world view means judges have a "Biblical view of justice." 

To add insult to Constitutional injury, check out how questioner Erick Erickson phrases the question -- not how Senate candidates would evaluate federal judges, but what criteria would they use to block Obama's nominees. 

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