Man Rents Out Girlfriend To Buy The Latest iPhone

Sept. 19, 2014: Oh, Apple Inc., what hast thou wrought?

From selling kidneys to scamming the homeless, people have gone to extreme lengths to get their hands on the new gadgets, especially Apple smartphones.

After the much-anticipated release of the iPhone 6, a student from China desperate to buy the new iPhone reportedly oferred up his girlfriend in exchange for cash.

Photos of the man holding up a sign reading "Girlfriend Sharing" appeared on the Chinese social media site Weibo this week.

The package included a chance to eat, study, play games or go on dates with the girl. However, it warned that no "funny business" would be allowed.

The girlfriend was a willing participant in the scheme, according to the man who offered her a deal of 10 yuan (£1) per hour.

While the identity of the man is still unknown, the “renting” reportedly took place at Songjiang University in Shanghai.

Here are a few photos of the bizarre rent out from Weibo:

The man:

The girlfriend:

The interested parties:

Here’s the student explaining the “deal” to the crowd:

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The Chinese student’s “rent-a-girlfriend” scheme to buy the iPhone 6 comes days after a Saudi man reportedly asked his prospective brother-in-law for an iPhone 6 as a dowry for marrying his sister

"We have heard about quite a few things, but an iPhone 6 that has not even hit the markets here is a bit bizarre," said Saud Ahmad, a Bahraini office clerk, in response to the request.

"We need to promote a culture where marriage should not be used by anyone to get gifts or make profits in any way. If I had been the groom, I would have confronted the brother."

These cases of iPhone mania are pretty bad, but don't touch last year's iPhone 5 launch in China. A couple allegedly tried to sell three of their newborn babies to pay for luxurious items, including expensive shoes and an iPhone.

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