Iranian Protesters' Hunger Strike Over Asylum Bid

Outside the UK Border Agency office in Croydon, South London, several Iranian protesters have set up a tent.

For more than 2 weeks, Keyvan Bahari, Mahyar Meyari and 4 other Iranian asylum seekers have been on a hunger strike after the British government rejected their applications for asylum.

But Bahari and Meyari have taken their protest one step further: Sewing their lips shut with fishing line.

Sitting by his tent and struggling to speak through his sewn lips, Meyari explains why he wants to stay in Britain.

"If I could stay anywhere, the best would be my own country. But I don't have anywhere to stay, he says. My message to everyone who hears this is to say help us, because we want to live."

Both Bahari and Meyari say they got caught up in the 2009 elections protests in Tehran.

"Like everyone else we were demonstrating for justice, we wanted to know where our vote went," Bahari says.

"There was a demonstration and people set fire to the bank. Because they set the bank on fire, police came and wanted to shoot people.