Iranians Protest Against President Ahmedinejad Over Currency Plunge (Video)

Amateur footage shows Iranians protesting in Tehran's Grand Bazaar apparently over the slump of the nation's currency. The video is put up by Reuters but they have as yet been unable to verify the content of the video, which they have obtained from a social media website.

Protestors marched in Tehran, angry at the collapse of the country's currency, which in a week lost 40 percent of its value against the dollar.

The bazaar reportedly closed on Wednesday, October 3, as shopkeepers said prices were in chaos as the value of the Iranian Rial slumped.

As protests spread in the city, witnesses reported clashes between police and demonstrators.

Money changers were arrested in a clampdown on the unofficial foreign currency market, as Iranians tried to buy hard currency.

The Iranian government has repeatedly blamed Western sanctions for the economic slump, but has insisted the country can ride out the crisis.
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