Iraqi TV Host Breaks Down In Tears While Discussing What ISIS Has Done To His Country’s Christians

This will surely move you to tears. While discussing the plight of the Christian community in the Middle East, an Iraqi state television anchor broke down in tears.

Nahi Mahdi, along with two other hosts, said the most heart-warming things about his fellow countrymen, who are paying a terrible price for belonging to an ideology the Islamic State (aka ISIS or ISIL) militants do not support.

“Our country is like a rose, and its petals are the Christians, the Arabs, the Kurds, the Sabians, the Shabak people,” said Mahdi, covering his face as he wept. “They are our own flesh and blood.”

Although the ISIS continues to become a serious global security threat, the people suffering the most at the hands of the militant organization’s are the helpless ethnic and religious minorities in the Middle Eastern territories they currently hold or want to occupy.

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“Christians, Yazidis and Turkmen have been at the frontlines of Iraq's war with the Islamic State (ISIS) ever since the jihadist group stormed into Mosul and Tikrit mid-June. The Iraqi army capitulated within hours, with at least 60,000 officers and soldiers fleeing on the first day of the assault alone,” a Guardian report stated.

However, not only does ISIS terrorize and kill minorities, it also forces them to convert, pay hefty taxes or abandon everything and die.

Tens of thousands of Iraqi Christians have been forced to flee as Iraq's largest Christian town was overrun by the militant Islamists earlier in August. Thousands of Yazidis walked towards the Syrian border to Iraqi Kurdistan in order to find refuge as the ISIS expanded its reach.

The United Nations stated last week that up to 30,000 people – Muslims and members of other communities – trapped on the Mount Sinjar region of northern Iraq are facing “potential genocide.”

“These are all our countrymen,” Mahdi said. “Some of them have left for Sweden or Germany …. Who does [ISIS] think it is to drive out our fellow countrymen?”

“We stand 100 percent in solidarity with them,” he concluded.

Watch Mahdi’s emotional tirade in the video above.

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