Irish Politician Pulls Female Colleague Onto His Lap During Abortion Bill Debate (Video)


It couldn’t be more awkward!

Irish politician, Tom Barry is caught on camera, pulling a female Member of Parliament, Áine Collins, onto his lap during a debate over an abortion bill.

44-year-old Barry who is a representative of Ireland's center-right Fine Gael political party has admitted that he had been drinking before the session and that he was "sick to his stomach" for creating such an awkward situation for her and embarrassing her.

Irish Independent Reports: "I can’t offer any excuse other than to put it down to stupidity, naivety and inexperience.”

The incident took place on Thursday and it’s video was published on the internet. Since then it has has been watched multiple times, making it go viral.

Some media outlets have reported this incident as sexist. The incident was indeed disrespectful and inappropriate; you don’t expect things to go this awkward during parliament discussions.

Party sources at first dismissed the incident as "horseplay" but later Barry issued his apology.

"I have apologised to Áine Collins and she graciously and immediately accepted my apology. No excuses. I just shouldn't have done it."

Do you think apologizing for what Barry did is more than enough? Let us know with your comments.

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