Irish Priest Laughs About Philippines Kidnapping

" Elderly Irish priest Michael Sinnott may have been forced to live in mosquito-infested swamps during his month as a captive of Filipino Muslim rebels, but he had plenty to laugh about. Speaking in a mixed local Filipino dialect and a thick Irish brogue after being released on Thursday, the 79-year-old priest chuckled as he recalled this time in the rough jungles of southern Mindanao island. In a nationally-televised press conference, Sinnott said he was raring to return to his parish in Pagadian city, where he has served for decades and runs a foundation helping disabled children from impoverished families. ""Ive been there for years working, thats where my work is,"" Sinnott said when asked why he wanted to return to the troubled south, adding with a smile he was not concerned about being abducted again. "