Is Donald Trump Buying Positive News Coverage?

Four sources from Breitbart News claim Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is paying the website to give his campaign positive news coverage.

Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump hasn’t just upset the Left with his racist and sexist remarks, but has even made enemies within his own party.

Trump’s blatant misogyny and subsequent trolling of Fox News host Megyn Kelly after last week’s GOP debate drew outrage from Republicans (he was already losing favor from his previous remark about John McCain). Conservative news outlets have frowned upon Trump’s cinema-style politics and shamelessly unfiltered statements. Yet Breitbart News continues to report positively of the candidate despite the unabashed criticism from left and right.

According to Buzzfeed, this is because Trump is buying favorable news coverage from the site. Four sources (who wished to remain anonymous in fear of losing their jobs) have said that the company has entered into a “financial arrangement” with the reality star in order to help shape his election coverage. 

One current editor, who described the bribery as “despicable” and “embarrassing” said that an executive told him last year that the company began this “financial arrangement” with Trump. Other sources made similar statements regarding Trump’s deal with managers, but were unclear of the details. A “conservative communications operative” for the site described a “pay for play” relationship with Trump, where he pays for favorable coverage of his campaign, adding that one staff member even saw documents of this manipulative transaction.

Breitbart’s executive chairman, Steve Bannon, vehemently denies the accusations:

“We have no financial relationship with Donald Trump as an investor, advertiser or in any other capacity at this time — nor have we ever,” Bannon said in  a statement. “The insinuation that we do — or did — is a lie. Mr. Trump is a savvy and successful businessman but not the type of investor I partner with in emerging growth companies.”

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