Israel Hits A New Low In Ripping Palestinian People From Their Homes

Israeli settlers are not being totally honest about their intentions.

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Israel is hiding behind an excuse of protecting Jewish history in order to establish even more settlements in Palestinian areas, according to Times Of India. 

In the beginning, Israel would move into Palestinian areas for a number of reasons, and only over the last few years has the issue become very controversial and upsetting for pro-Palestinians, who stood up for what these people were going through. Palestinians were evicted from their homes, saw their homes bulldozed and became homeless almost overnight.

Recently, many people, Zionist and Palestinian alike, have voiced their opinions about the problems with the settlements. Despite their concerns, it's clear that Israel has ignored these views, as they continued to build these settlements, anyway.

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However, now they are just being a bit more discreet about it by giving obscure excuses about why the settlements must be built. As if there is ever an excuse to take someone's home away from them – something Israeli Jews should be able to understand more than anyone.

Keep in mind, not everyone in Israel is a part of this, or agrees with it. The people who are doing this are known as "radical settlers," just as every group has its radicals. This time, the radical settlers are moving into Palestinian areas, with the excuse that those areas are meant for archeological digs, and Palestinians need to move out in order to preserve Jewish history. 

Supposedly, this is really just bogus. Trenches have been dug deep inside Palestinian territories, so instead of Jewish families taking over Palestinian land, now the Israel Antiquities Authority is doing so. 

Settlements are considered a violation of human rights and international law, and for all purposes, a huge obstacle in the attempt to make peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

While Israel believes there are many things the Palestinians need to change before peace is brokered, it is clear by many people that Israel needs to make some changes, too.

In the past, Israel has made many strides at peace, inviting the Palestinians to join along. Now, it seems like history is changing right before our eyes.

How long will Israel choose the past, or preserving history, over the future and moving forward for peace?

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