Is Kim Jong-Un Testing Weapons On Disabled Children?

Do human rights violations get any more perverse and unimaginably horrible than this? Two defectors from Kim Jong-Un's regime have spoken.

A scientist who recently defected from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to Finland is ready to talk about how deep the human rights violations in North Korea run.

The researcher, identified only by his surname, Lee, fled his station at a microbiology center in Ganggye after experiencing doubts over his research. Now he claims that Kim Jong-Un’s regime has been testing biological and chemical weapons, such as anthrax, on human subjects.

North Korea carries out human chemical weapons tests

Lee says that he has 15 gigabytes of evidence proving that this is true, and he plans to testify before the European parliament this month to bring attention to the issue.

This isn’t the first time someone has made such a claim. Im Cheon-yong, a former officer in North Korea’s special forces who defected to South Korea in 1997, had stated last year that chemical weapons tests were being performed on mentally and physically disabled children, and that these were a part of his own training.

North Korea Tested Chemical Weapons On Disabled Children,

“For the biological and chemical warfare tests, we needed ‘objects.’”

“At first, they used the chemical agents on mice and showed us how they died. Then we watched the instructors carrying out the tests on humans to show us how a person dies.”

"I saw it with my own eyes.”

Daniel Pinkston, a member of The International Crisis Group in Seoul, agrees that action should be taken against Kim Jong-Un, should these claims be proved accurate. 

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