Is This The Push Mayor Rob Ford Needs To Mend His Ways?

Yet another video of Toronto’s notorious Mayor, Rob Ford surfaces. Allegedly caught smoking crack cocaine, this proves to be the last straw as he bids us farewell to solve his ‘substance abuse’ problem.

The video clip which is not public as yet is rumored to have been viewed by two Globe and Mail reporters. The video is not available for obvious reasons. However, incriminating stills are floating over the internet. 

We see Ford taking a drag from a long copper-colored pipe, exhaling a cloud of smoke and then frantically shaking his right hand. The video is rumored to have been to be secretly filmed in his sister’s basement.

The footage is part of a package of three videos that the drug dealer says he surreptitiously shot and is now selling for “at least six figures.”

Mayor Rob Ford declined to comment but his lawyer announced that he was going to take some time off.

"He said he feels it's time that he takes a break and addresses the substance abuse problems he has," he said. 

It is hoped that the decision does him some good and he gets help and pull his act together. This announcement comes amidst Ford’s re-election campaign due October 27th.

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This is not the first time his name has been mired in drug abuse. Indeed, he admitted he smoked. At the time, he blamed his "drunken stupor". He was stripped of many of his powers as a direct consequence.

"Yes I have smoked crack cocaine," he said in his first admission of drug use after six months of evading the question. "But, no, do I? Am I an addict? No. Have I have tried it? Probably in one of my drunken stupors, probably approximately about a year ago."

His confession went viral and the internet was merciless.

His announcement of taking a break is being viewed with a mixture of “Its about-time” and sneer. Either way, people aren’t happy.

He may pull his act together but there isn’t much hope for a mayoral return for him. However, life for Ford will not end there. One thing we know; he has been tolerated for all the mess he’s been spinning for the last few months; there’s hope for him yet, even if not in the mayor’s office.

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