Is T-Shirt Reading "Breathe Easy" A Response To Garner Death

Although the shirt creator denies it, the message is causing outrage.

This t-shirt has caused an angry backlash and the company responsible has attempted an explanation.  



The phrase “Breath Easy Don’t Break The Law”   appears to be a direct jab at the last words of Eric Garner "I can't breathe".  Ummm...That's not OK.  This Facebook user sums up the problem perfectly: 



As pointed out above, the shirt seems to be in response to Eric Garner's last words. 

Jason Barthel, a Mishawaka police officer and owner of South Bend Uniform Company, refutes that claim that the shirts are in bad (make that terrible) taste.

"The shirts are intended as a reminder that police are there to help citizens", said. Barthel.

The public isn't buying it. 

Professional and college athletes, including the Notre Dame women’s basketball team, have been wearing black shirts with the words “I can’t breathe” on them during pregame warm-ups in protest of the death of the New York man. 



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