ISIS Fighters Sneak In Burger King, Cookies And Mojitos Into Syria From Turkey

Just like the hipsters, these militants love sharing pictures of the food they sneak in from across the borders.

ISIS fighters stocking up on Burger King

While ISIS continues to wage a war in battered remains of Syria, Iraq and Libya, some of its fighters are busy splurging on fast food and sugary treats they have sneaked in from outside the region. In fact, their love for junk food is so inherent they don’t even hesitate from sharing it with the rest of the world.

Recently, an alleged British jihadist who is travelling to the Islamic State regime, shared a picture of Burger King’s whopper – which apparently, the “bro” he’s helping cross the border into Syria got for him.

Junk food jihadists: British fighters sneak over the border from Syria to Turkey

Unsurprisingly, his diet choice didn’t go unnoticed by his fellow fighters, one of whom called the other out for being “fake” and enjoying food from the “evil American corporation.”

The same guy had also shared a picture featuring a collection of junk food, including pre-mixed cans of mojitos, Pringles, M&Ms and Oreos.

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British jihadis sneak over the border from Syria to Turkey to get junk food fix

However, this is not the first time ISIS militants have done something of the sort.

Previously, a jihadist took it to Twitter to celebrate his Mc Donald’s victory after someone snuck in five cheese burgers “for the first time in two years.”

British jihadists are smuggling Burger King meals into Syria

As it appears, Froot Loops, New York-style Bagel Chips and salted peanuts are also a hit with these people.

The Lure Of Fast Food - British Jihadist Smuggle Burger King's Whopper Into Syria

Along with a hot cup of cappuccino which, by the looks of it, seems to be a luxury.

British jihadis sneak

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