For The Person Who Has Everything, Now There's An ISIS Gift Shop

Because who wouldn't want a T-shirt celebrating the world's most evil terrorists?

Gift buying can be so hard. Do you go with an Amazon gift card, a nice bottle of wine or a T-shirt celebrating ISIS terrorists? 

Istanbul, Turkey, is home an ISIS gift shop, selling clothing and baubles that celebrates the Islamic State, a terror group so extreme Al-Qaeda has denounced it. 

"I am responding to a market demand. This is Islamic clothing. What else can I say?" the Islami Giyim (Islamic Clothing) owner told Roads and Kingdoms.

Where the shop owner sees simply Islamic clothing, the rest of the world sees ISIS logos and regalia. The terrorists often carry flags that read "There is no God but Allah," as does clothing at the Istanbul shop.

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ISIS terrorists are a new breed -- rather than hiding in the shadows, they're active on social media and celebrate crimes including crucifying civilians

ISIS' reign of terror forced tens of thousands Yazidi Iraqis into the desolate mountains, fleeing for their lives. The U.S. was compelled to re-enter Iraq fighting with airstrikes against ISIS to help save the Yazidis, who are dying in droves from hunger, thirst and horrible conditions. 

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ISIS campaigns have seen swaths of Iraq and Syria taken over by the group, with mass executions and unspeakable crimes. And still the Turkish shop owner sees no problem selling ISIS gear.

"For some this brings to mind ISIS and jihad," he said of his clothing for sale. "For me I see the Prophet Muhammad.”

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