ISIS Terrorists Troll Michelle Obama, And It's Actually A Really Bad Sign

The terrorist organization has targeted Michelle Obama this time. Fortunately, as bad as the intentions may be, they are not violent.

Michelle Obama

Of all the things expected from a terrorist organization, trolling the White House is the least one would expect.

But trolling is exactly what the ISIS is doing. They have circulated a photo-shopped Michele Obama's image from her famous tweet in support of girls kidnapped by Nigerian terrorists and replaced the words #BringBackOurGirls with #BRINGBACKOURHUMVEE.

ISIS, a rebel army composed of Sunni jihadis that calls itself the "Islamic State of Iraq and greater Syria," aims to establish a theocratic Sunni caliphate in the region. The tweets refer to American-made vehicles and weapons seized by the ISIS last week after the Iraqi army retreated.

Sure, the tweet shows the terrorists and their supporters have a sense of humor, but there’s more to it than just that. It shows how aware they are of the modern day demands of winning any battle. They have their hand on the pulse - social media trolling and creating trends that may have no direct link to their cause, but let them get noticed by people.

In keeping up with the times, even militant organizations are investing in social media marketing campaigns to further their mission. It shows that they are aiming for the long run. It may be funny it's really a cause for concern.

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