ISIS 'Mobilizing For A Brilliant Attack' Against NY, Fighter Claims

A purported member of the Islamic State spoke to VICE's Shane Smith and warned about future attacks on U.S. soil.

The chilling interview comes just days after the United States, along with several Arab nations including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Bahrain and Qatar, launched airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria.

Identified as 21-year-old Somali-Canadian Farah Shirdon, aka Abu Usamah Somali, who has allegedly lived in Iraq since July, the foreign fighter said ISIS was “mobilizing for a brilliant attack.”

“We’ll sure be making attacks in New York soon. A lot of brothers there are mobilizing right now,” Shirdon told Vice’s Shane Smith.

“What are they mobilizing for?” Smith asked to which the man laughed and responded: “Mobilizing for a brilliant attack, my friend.”

Shirdon also claimed that ISIS currently holds “thousands of Westerners” as captives and will be beheading them if the recently launched airstrikes in Syria aren’t halted.

“We have thousands of prisoners from the West that we have that we will have to behead,” Shirdon stated with a smirk on his face. Then he personally addressed his interviewer and said:

“Maybe I have your cousin here, you don’t know. Or your distant cousin, or your uncle. We have them with us and you don’t know.”

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This latest threat is a grave confirmation of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s dire warning according to which ISIS has planned attacks on metros of Paris and New York City.

“No one in the U.S. government is aware of such a plot, and it was not raised with us in our meetings with Iraq officials here in New York,” the official said.

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Despite Abadi’s warning, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio told the people of his city that there is no imminent danger to their security.

"I have a simple message for all New Yorkers: There is no immediate credible threat to our subway system," de Blasio told reporters. "I say that with confidence. People should go about their business as they normally would."

He also tweeted a picture of himself while taking a short subway ride from City Hall to Union Square in Manhattan.

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