ISIS Training Looks Like A Weird Combination Of Kung Fu And Kick Boxing

It’s hard to believe that these people with such simple training skills are taking over Iraq and Syria.

As Islamic State continues to fight battles to take over Iraq and Syria, its social media presence is also strengthening.

What appears to be the terrorist organization’s latest attempt toward disseminating propaganda is a video featuring young recruits receiving their military training.

According to ISIS expert Shiraz Maher, it "purports to show ISIS recruits in a training camp where they're receiving basic training and hand-to-hand combat."

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It’s a well-documented fact that ISIS is a more powerful militant force than the notorious al-Qaeda group mainly because members are using new mediums like the Internet to intimidate enemies.

ISIS is not only battling with rival armed forces on the ground, but they are also spreading fear and recruiting new followers through propaganda videos on different social media websites.

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While many would think the extremist group – which has reportedly crushed government forces in strategic regions – would probably have an extraordinary combat routine, the exercises shown in this short film, on the contrary, look pretty basic.

The so-called training comprises nothing but fighters crawling in the dirt and a few Kung Fu-inspired kicks in the chest.

Live rounds also appear to be fired at the recruits as they rehearse how to retrieve injured comrades.

There is, however, one interesting thing about the entire clip. The tents shown in the beginning have the letters “U.S.” emblazoned on them.

But that too should not come as a surprise since U.S.-made and -issued weapons have previously been discovered in the possession of ISIS members.

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