ISIS Video Shows Young Boy Executing Alleged Russian Spies

Propaganda or not, this is extremely deplorable...

ISIS Video

The Islamic State (ISIS) has apparently released a video showing a child executing two men accused of being Russian spies who tried to infiltrate the militant organization in Syria.

Now, this could just be a propaganda video and as yet there is no way of authenticating it. Nonetheless, the video, even the thought of it, is extremely disturbing.

It shows two men who appear to acknowledge they work for Russian security services. One of them  even admits being recruited by Russia's Federal Security Service to infiltrate the militant organization.

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The young boy in the clip, who seems to be a pre-teen, is shown executing the kneeling men with a pistol toward the end of the video. He later raises his hand up in triumph, steps over the corpses and walks away.

The idea of a young child going through this ordeal has sent chilling waves across the Internet.

ISIS Video

According to Foreign Policy, the boy, identified as Abdullah, is from Kazakhstan, and has appeared in a previous ISIS video showing the training of child soldiers.

According to Kazakhstan’s National Security Committee, 300 Kazakh citizens, half of them women and children, have traveled to Syria to join the Islamic State.

ISIS has been known to recruit young boys and train them as soldiers who are also used as human shields and suicide bombers. They boast of them as the "Cubs of the Islamic State."

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