ISIS Urges Ferguson Rioters To 'Be Like Malcom X' On Twitter

Propaganda images and messages are being tweeted by accounts associated with ISIS.

Since the news of police officer Darren Wilson's non-indictment broke, Twitter blew up with #Ferguson tweets. And that's not the only thing that blew up. Rioting and fires are continuing to break out for the second day in a row. 

Now some Arabic language journalists have noticed something disturbing. Pro-ISIS Twitter users were also participating in the Ferguson further their murderous agenda. 

"It's horrible," Joyce Karam, the Washington Bureau chief for Al-Hayat, writes . "Most of the tweets when you look up the Arabic word for Ferguson are ISIS driven."

For ISIS and their supporters, injustice in Ferguson is a goldmine as they can portray the U.S. as an evil and repressive country. 

A photo of a handwritten note addressed “From #IS 2 Ferguson” is circulating online captioned “We heard your call, we are ready to respond”.

The latest tweet is particularly chilling: 

Another account tweeted quotes and images of civil rights icon Malcolm X : 

Dr Erin Saltman, senior researcher for anti-radicalisation thinktank the Quilliam Foundation doesn't think censorship is the answer. “The most successful ISIS counter-speech campaigns have been ones which have used the same tech savvy language to denounce them,” she says. “We need grassroots on social media in the same way as ISIS, to unite against their message.


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