ISIS Uses Stolen Art To Fund Group

That's one way to get attention. In case you were wondering, ISIS steals famous art pieces and artifacts to fund their mission.

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This isn't the first time a terrorist group has been associated with stealing and selling stolen art.

Just like the Nazis did during WWII, throughout history several ruling powers used stolen art as a means of financing. IRA operatives in the 70's stole and sold art in order to free political prisoners. In the 90's, one of the masterminds behind the 9/11 attacks stole artifacts from Afghanistan in order to fund part of the attacks.

Now, ISIS is visiting museums and historical and cultural sights, where they are stealing antiquities and selling them for tens of millions of dollars. Or, in some cases, 'as much as an oil field'. 

Not only that, if ISIS feels that the art is anti-Islamic, all the better reason for them to sell it or in some cases, just destroy it. 

Of course, you might not see ISIS walking into the Louvre or the MOMA and simply stealing the art. Many of these cases are unreported or go unnoticed for quite some time. 

However, this past March, ISIS terrorists stormed a museum in Tunisia, where not only did they kill innocent victims, they most likely looted the displayed objects.

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The sad thing is while artwork might not be a huge deal in the grand scheme of things that ISIS does, many important sights have been destroyed by ISIS, and preserving the history of these areas will be very difficult. Something that ISIS would be happy with, as many historic sights in places like Syria are from pre-Islamic times.

As ISIS starts to take over more territories, museums and antiquity authorities have been bumping up their security in order to keep an eye out for stolen art. Not only do we need to protect human beings from ISIS, but we also need to protect the foundations of areas and cultural history that ISIS is trying to take over.



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