Even ISIS Believes That Vaccines Aren’t Bad For Kids

All medieval practices aside, ISIS is at least vaccinating the kids.

isis vaccination campaign in syria

Despite living in 21st century, vaccination is presently one of the most pressing issues in the United States.

On one hand, there are anti-vaccination campaigns that continue to oppose immunization because of a (roundly criticized, absolutely false) fear that vaccines cause autism. On the other side are doctors, scientists and government bodies trying to convey the importance of vaccines to prevent illnesses, like measles.

While the U.S. is busy debating the pros and cons of vaccination, ISIS has released a collection of photos depicting children receiving oral vaccines in Syria.

Polio vaccine effort in Syria

Apparently, ISIS is running a polio immunization campaign in Syria, where polio has made reappearance in recent years. These pictures were allegedly taken in the Damascus suburbs of Al-Hajar al-Aswad. 

isis militants grant access to polio vaccination teams in Syria and Iraq

The pictures clearly show a pink colored vaccine, which according to World Health Organization is the color of polio vaccine.

The photos were uploaded on Nasher.me, an image hosting website through which ISIS has posted a number of videos and images in the past.

ISIS supports getting kids vaccinated

The Islamic State seems rather determined to eradicate the virus from its supposed territory, as it has reportedly allowed international humanitarian organizations to administer vaccines in the region where they weren’t allowed to enter before.

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