ISIS Whips Men For Using A Flush Toilet

These men got a bad punishment for using the wrong toilet.

Five men whipped by ISIS for using flush toilets

ISIS has whipped five men for using a flush toilet instead of a squat toilet, according to AWDnews.

One has to wonder why ISIS wouldn't want these men to have a flush toilet in their own home. Perhaps it's because a flush toilet is considered a 'western' toilet. Or, perhaps it was just one of the many rules that ISIS has that if aren't followed, will result in a severe punishment. 

This time, the punishment was whipping.

However, according to ISIS standards, whipping isn't the worst of what they've done.

This year, a Japanese journalist was beheaded. A Jordanian pilot was burnt alive in a cage.

A local source in Mosul has released information regarding the whipping.

It is not unusual for ISIS to punish people for trivial things, such as cutting someone's hands off for using a cell phone.

Hopefully, these men will have a second chance to remove the flush toilets from their home and swap them with squat toilets.

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