Islam Center Arsonist Admits Guilt, Blames Beer And Fox News

A 52 year-old man plead guilty to setting fire to an Islamic center in Ohio and blamed drinking 45 beers in 6 hours and watching Fox News.

An Indiana man plead guilty to setting a mosque on fire, but he did offer an explanation: 45 beers in six hours plus Fox News. Well, yes, that would make anyone crazy. The man, Randolph Linn, 52, said that prior to driving to the  Islamic Center of Greater Toledo and setting fire to a prayer room, he drank 45 beers in 6 hours and watched enough Fox News to convince him that most Muslims are terrorists who don't believe in Jesus (neither is true). Linn has since settled down from his alcohol and extremist television. He accepted a 20-year jail term.

Dr. Mahjabeen Islam, the President of the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo, was satisfied with the verdict.  "It sends a very loud message to future criminals that our society will not tolerate this hate and violence."

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