Rep. Peter King’s Bigoted Advice To American Muslims For 4th Of July

Peter King has a message of suspicion and hostility for Muslim American communities this 4th of July.

Congressman Peter King wants Muslims to watch other Muslims very carefully this 4th of July to make sure that none of them will be planning a secret terror attack. But if you can’t trust Muslims to begin with, how can you trust them to reliably inform on secret terror attacks?

Rep. Peter King chose a great time for all this because after all, there’s nothing better for the celebration of Independence Day than yelling at people that are different than you. 

“Yeah, well- let me say, I am addressing it largely- or certainly, to a large extent- to, you know, the Muslim community in this region,” said King when talking about terrorism to a radio show called "L.I. in the AM." “Because if there is a real threat, if there is gonna be something happening, it’s gonna come from the Muslim community.”

Peter King serves on the House Homeland Security Committee and even though a New York Times report found that American extremists have killed far more Americans than Islamic jihadists, he said he totally “disregarded” the findings.  What have “findings” and “numbers” and “empirical evidence” done for us in the past anyway?

“To compare these deranged white supremacists with an organized international terrorist movement, that’s The New York Times at its worst,” said Peter. OK, the New York Times is the worst, but how does he feel about Muslims in general?

Answer: not favorably. Pretty much any time he has mentioned them has been in connection to the threat they pose to the general population of America that loves apple pie. In 2007 he was slammed for saying that there are “too many mosques” in America and from 2011 to 2012 he held five “Muslim Radicalization” hearings to see if Muslims communities were conspiring against the United States, which Muslim groups, understandably, did not like.

“So they among others should- if they see something, if they see someone who is new to the neighborhood, who they don’t think belongs there, or it’s unusual for him to be there or her to be there, if they hear of any talk of anything happening, if they see different groups gathering- that, tell that to the police,” Peters continued on to "L.I. in the Am"

In light of his past history of Islamophobia, unwillingness to look at research and nearly literal inquisition style meetings, this most recent witch hunt of Muslim communities that he believes will do terrorism or something over 4th of July isn’t surprising. As always, it’s just disappointing. 

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