This Could Be Britich ISIS Hostage’s Last Propaganda Video

In what could quite possibly be his last video in the series, John Cantlie reports live from Aleppo, Syria.

British photojournalist John Cantlie was one of the very first hostages taken by the Islamic State terrorist group and has been held captive for almost two years now.

He has been used by ISIS in several propaganda clips ever since the terrorists established a so-called caliphate last summer, including a bizarre Mosul tour video released last month.

In what he says could possibly be his “last film in the series,” Cantlie appeared in a new video, “reporting” from the Syrian city of Aleppo on education being received by young boys under ISIS.

"One of the common accusations of the west is that under Islamic State education will suffer, religious studies and changes to the curriculum don't quite fit their image of progressive schooling. But here in Halab (Aleppo), these young men here are learning Koran recital and languages and with any luck they will form the mujahideen for the next generation in this region," he says while touring what appears to be a school that had just been hit by an airstrike.

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"Unlike the laws of democratic countries which change to fit every circumstance or to fit every different week, the rules of Sharia are remarkably simple. For example, if you are convicted of robbery with the correct number of witnesses and such forth, you have your hand cut off. Sounds harsh but you're not going to commit the same crime again and it will dissuade others from doing the same," he adds.

Cantlie later interviews a French ISIS fighter about the Paris attacks last month at. Replying in French, the man said, "The three attacks only made us happy."

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