ISIS British Hostage John Cantlie Pens Heartbreaking Plea To Family

The article comes soon after Cantlie said his latest propaganda video was "last in the series."

John Cantlie

Less than four days after appearing in a video which he said could be “last in the series,” John Cantlie has penned a heartbreaking plea to his family and friends.

The British photojournalist, who is currently being held captive by the Islamic State somewhere in the Middle East, asked his family and friends to forget him and move on with their lives in an article published for the terror group’s magazine, Dabiq.

“Thank you so much for your tireless efforts. But let it go. Leave it be and get on with your lives, all of you,” he wrote.

Cantlie addressed the coalition forces and U.S. air strikes against ISIS, claiming that “every bomb dropped in Syria or Iraq serves as a recruitment tool for the Islamic State.”

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He also criticized international media for their coverage of his videos:

"Very few reports look at the bigger picture or ask questions like, 'Should the government have helped more?' Or, 'Can we prevent this from happening again?' Or even, 'What can be done to help families in this situation?' In many reports there's little commentary or analysis, just 'Cantlie does another film and talks about this and that.'"

"The spectre of my death is always mentioned in news articles and I've read the same thing so many times that I have a sneaking suspicion the media can't wait for me to be executed. I believe it'll make their day if I have my head chopped off."

Cantlie was one of the very first hostages taken by the ISIS and has been held captive for almost two years now – purportedly in Raqqa, Syria.

He has been used by ISIS in several propaganda clips ever since the terrorists established a so-called caliphate last summer, including a bizarre Mosul tour video released last month.

In what he says could possibly be his “last film in the series,” Cantlie appeared in a new video on Feb.9.

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