Why ISIS Wants You To Watch The Jordanian Pilot Being Burned To Death

Why you should think twice before clicking on the play button?

ISIS burns captive Jordanian pilot alive

Former CNN host Piers Morgan is glad he watched the video in which the terrorist group Islamic state shows a captive Jordanian pilot Mouath al-Kasaesbeh being burned alive.

Explaining it allows him to feel the “uncontrollable rage” the world should feel towards ISIS, he penned down an entire article as to why he hit the play button on the gruesome video clip.

“Glad I know they have no limits, no humanity, no semblance of any kind of soul,” he wrote. “Glad I saw the undisguised joy in their evil little faces as they perpetrated such a despicable act on a fellow human being. Glad they repeatedly switched the camera shot from blow-torch to their victim’s face so we can be under no illusion what utter sadists they are.”

Morgan’s reasoning makes sense – to some extent. However, he fails to understand that by watching and sharing the video he is in a way helping the terrorists in propagating their message.

Why is it so important for us to witness the details of the horrifying execution to feel uncontrollable rage towards the ISIS? Is it not enough, anymore, to know that a person – an innocent man – was killed?

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Perhaps, with the passage of time and so many people dying at the hands of terrorists all over the world, news of death doesn’t strike us as shocking. Perhaps, we are now living in a world where death has to be enough anger-inducing to grab our attention.

Perhaps, the ISIS understands this which is why it makes these disturbing videos and posts them on the Internet. The militant group wants the world to know what they are capable of. And by watching and sharing these videos, we are certainly helping their cause – not to mention dishonoring the lives of the victims.

These terrorists don’t just shoot people or behead people anymore because they want to make a spectacle of it.

After beheading a number of journalists, most recently the Japanese hostage Kenji Goto, ISIS chose to immolate the Jordanian pilot alive because the militant group knew all too well that this would – as insensitive as it may sound – go viral.

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Watching ISIS carrying out executions will not defeat them – it only furthers the filth it wants to spread throughout the world.

Perhaps a better way of defying terrorism online would be the #DontShare online campaign which emerged after the beheading of American photojournalist James Foley. It carries a strong message against the ISIS without propagating its message that is to spread hate and terror.

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