An Indian Businessman Was Running ISIS’ Most Popular Twitter Account

The man says he would gladly join the ISIS in the Middle East but his family needs him more.

ISIS Twitter Indian

While there are more than one ISIS-affiliated Twitter accounts being run by anonymous users, the man behind the most “popular” one has been identified by a UK broadcaster.

According to Channel 4, one of the most active supporters of the notorious militant organization on the Internet is a food company executive from India identified only as Mehdi.

With roughly 18,000 followers on Twitter, @ShamiWitness had been spreading militant propaganda on behalf of ISIS for the past few months. He works for an Indian food conglomerate in Bangalore.

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Newsweek reports the man is “an avid fan of superhero films, pizza and Hawaiian-themed office parties, if his personal Facebook is to be believed.”

While Channel 4 News hasn't revealed his full name, Indian news organizations have identified him as Mehdi Masroor Biswas. 

He stated on one of his profiles if he were given the opportunity he would join ISIS in the Middle East he would accept it, however, it couldn't happen since his family depends on him for money.

“If I had a chance to leave everything and join them I might have,” he was quoted as saying. “My family needs me here.”

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Although Mehdi deactivated the @ShamiWitness Twitter account and has said that Indian police are now searching for him and he “doesn’t know what to do.”

Under the Indian law, a person convicted for cyber terrorism is punishable even with life imprisonment.

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