Guess Who’s Not Happy About The Historic Iran Nuclear Deal?

Reaching a deal is a major policy victory for both U.S. President Barack Obama and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani – but someone is not happy.

Iran Nuclear Deal

After more than 10 years of negotiations, Iran and six major world powers reached a landmark nuclear deal that could transform the politics of the Middle East.

The agreement could potentially lift the crippling sanctions imposed by the United States, European Union and United Nations on Iran and reduce the diplomatic isolation of the Islamic republic.

Javad Zarif, iran nuclear program

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif hailed it as a “win-win solution,” calling it a “historic moment” in the relations between the West and Iran.

However, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was quick to denounce the deal after he called it a “mistake of historic proportions.”

nuclear negotiations

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The Israeli leader, forever critical of the nuclear negotiations, said the agreement would turn out to be a jackpot for Iran.

“Iran is going to receive a sure path to nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu said at a meeting with the Dutch foreign minister, Bert Koenders, in Jerusalem. “Many of the restrictions that were supposed to prevent it from getting there will be lifted. Iran will get a jackpot, a cash bonanza of hundreds of billions of dollars, which will enable it to continue to pursue its aggression and terror in the region and in the world. This is a bad mistake of historic proportions.”

The disgruntled politician added the agreement was inevitable “when the negotiators are willing to make more and more concessions to those who chant ‘Death to America’ even during the negotiations.”

Israeli leaders condemn Iran deal

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Netanyahu’s disapproval of the deal is nothing new. In fact, his warnings of a “destructive nuclear Iran” are as old as his political career.

However, now that Israel’s closest diplomatic and strategic ally – the U.S. – has decided to shake hands with Israel’s bitterest rival – i.e. Iran – Bibi seems ready to take drastic measures to voice his criticism.

Case in point: Even before the deal was struck, the Israeli PM launched his first-ever Twitter account in Farsi to reach out to the Iranian public.

Iran Nuclear Deal Highlights

The first tweet included an image of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and said Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei "has said Iran should fight the U.S. regardless of the agreement, while Rouhani leads demonstrations expressing hatred."

In another post he stated: “With the continuation of the show of compromising with Iran, the path to Iran getting a nuclear bomb is paved, and they are being given billions of dollars for terrorism and invasion.”

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