Israel Fashion Line Makes War Sexy

An Israeli clothing house blurs the line between fashion and war.

If you've ever wanted to see soldiers in another light, the new clothing line MTKL puts them on the runway.

Check out how titillating female soldiers from the Israel Defense Forces can be as they grace the pages of a 2015 calendar in sexy, military-inspired street wear.

Annon Shenfeld and Ilan Missulawin, the co-founders and two former military men themselves, are behind this fashion line. In an official video, they explain the vision behind the project.


The name of the brand is short for the Hebrew acronym “matkal” which relates to the IDF’s general staff unit.

They're hoping that the calendar piques enough interest and brings in donations so they can further their fashion line.

The selling point of the calendar is, of course, the female soldiers-turned-models. It will feature “chosen” female soldiers modeling their line of sexy military gear, alongside snippets of their war stories. They want to show the true “spirit” of their army, “not your run of the mill models, [but] real soldiers who see plenty of combat action.”



So far they have raised almost $3,500 and their target is reach the $30,000 mark within the next 45 days. They plan to donate 10 percent of the collected funds to Association for the Well Being of Israel's Soldiers.

It is not uncommon for a man in uniform to be appreciated, so there shouldn’t be anything wrong with a woman in uniform, right?

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