Israel Opens Its First Embassy In Lithuania

Once a home to thousands of Jews, Lithuania welcomes the first Israeli embassy.

Israel opens its first embassy in Lithuania

Lithuania, once the center of European Jewry, has now welcomed the first Israeli Embassy.

This is a huge step for this country, once home to 250,000 Jews prior to World War II.

Lithuania will now boast an Israeli flag, which plays a very significant role in the history of the Jewish figures who once lived there. Lithuania has a rich past, being the hometown of important Jews, such as the Gaon of Vilna, who contributed to much of the Jewish philosophy and scholarship that exists today. 

Although Lithuania opened its embassy in Israel in 1992, Israel was hesitant to establish an embassy in Lithuania. Instead, the embassy was located in Riga, Latvia.

Now, the two countries are moving forward with their meaningful diplomatic relations. 

The door of the embassy was given a mezuzah – a religious object that goes on the door posts of every Jewish home, and once was on many homes in the villages of Lithuania.

The embassy is a symbol of not only political progression, but the importance of Jewish history continuing to be remembered and honored around the world. 

The Israeli ambassador to Lithuania is Amir Maimon.

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