Israeli Airstrikes Inside Syria Amid Fears Of Aiding Hezbollah Might Be Another Violation Of the UN Charter

Israel military forces bombed a target inside Syria which is being considered as a warning to Damascus to stop providing weapons to a Lebanese Islamic militant group.

Israeli Airstrikes

Israel military forces bombed a target inside Syria which is being considered as a warning to Damascus to stop providing weapons to a Lebanese Islamic militant group.

The airstrike was conducted near the border with Lebanon according to the Syrian state TV over the Israelis’ suspicion that President Bashar al-Assad’s regime could be involved in the transference of arms to Hezbollah which is Lebanon’s most powerful military force and a sworn Jewish enemy. The Israeli officials fear that Syria, under the orders of Assad will try to aid Hezbollah with sophisticated chemical weapons and anti-aircraft missiles that could hinder Israel’s ability to conduct airstrikes in Lebanon.

The weapons that has been planned to be targeted by the Israeli forces included advanced missile technology that could disturb the ‘power balance’ in the region in which most of the authority is enjoyed by Israel alone. The fear of losing the status of an almost hegemonic state in the Middle East, Israel bombarded Syria on the basis of mere suspicion.

Syria confirmed the airstrikes but denied the allegation of providing weapons across the border. According to the Syrian state TV, Israeli jets bombarded a military research centre in the area of Jamraya, northwest of Damascus and about 15 kilometers from the Lebanese border. Syrians claim that the targeted research facility was responsible for raising the level of resistance and self-defense of the military.

If the statement of the Syrian military turns out to be true that there was no transference of weapons between Hezbollah and Assad’s regime, then it will definitely be considered as an ‘unprovoked’ attack on a sovereign state which is a violation of the United Nations Charter. Israeli violation of Lebanese airspace is not uncommon and despite lodging complaints at the UN against these illegal bombardments, not much has been done to stop them.

Israel has a history of enjoying illegitimate airstrikes, bombings and warmongering and getting away with it. It has been shielded by the United States of America’s veto each time it violates human rights or the UN Charter. Israel has violated several resolutions of the United Nations Security Council and US protects these violation through their veto power. In 2011, the Obama administration’s first veto was used to reject a resolution that condemned Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory.

In wake of the Gaza war in 2008, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution for an immediate ceasefire between the two parties which was again voted against by Israel and the United States.

The Israeli settlements in the occupied territories violate Palestinians’ human rights and it has been long debated issue. In December 2012, four Israeli attacks on journalists and media facilities in Gaza violated the laws of war since the civilians who were targeted had no part to play in the Palestinian military operations. Though the attacks were considered to be legitimate by Israel, no proper justification was provided.

Syria itself is plagued by internal civil war which has claimed more than sixty thousand lives of people in the ongoing the uprising against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by the rebel forces.

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