Israeli Forces Blindfold And Arrest Disabled Child While Crowd Cheers On

Even mentally ill children aren't safe from Israel's atrocities.

Israeli Forces Blindfolded And Arrest Disabled Child While Crowd Cheers On

Two Israel Defense Forces soldiers are seen manhandling, blindfolding and arresting a developmentally disabled child in a new video that has gone viral.

Released by the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem, the video begins with two IDF soldiers abusing an 11-year-old boy near Kiryat Arba under a clamor of support by the area's Jewish occupants. They then physically restrain him before blindfolding and tossing him in the back of their van.

The IDF men were apparently after a Palestinian group that had been pelting rocks at passing vehicles, but after their patrol reaped no fruits, they decided to nab the easiest target – a disabled child.

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While what the two soldiers did was deplorable, the reaction of the crowd watching the entire incident of child abuse from the top of the hill was equally shameful. Instead of saving the child from police brutality, they hurled abuses and even clapped in approval when the kid was cuffed.

“A developmentally disabled Palestinian boy, who is under the age of criminal responsibility, was briefly detained by the IDF  on suspicion that he had thrown stones,” according to B'Tselem.

The kid was released only after his father came to the scene and explained the state of his mental health.

Following the video's release, the IDF announced that it is investigating the incident. But in a region where thousands of innocents are murdered each year, it doesn't seem that this particular "investigation" will have any different results.

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