Israeli Forces Disperse Palestinian Protesters With Live Ammunition

The huge protest was held to demand the release the bodies of Palestinians who were killed during stabbing attacks. And then the firing started.

Israeli Forces, Hebron Palestinian Protesters

Hundreds of Palestinians took to the streets in Hebron, demanding Israel Defense Forces return the bodies of the locals who were shot to death while allegedly attacking Israeli soldiers and civilians.

As the protesters marched toward an Israeli checkpoint, they were dispersed with live ammunition, tear gas and rubber bullets.

While some witnesses claim the protesters were peaceful when they were fired at, an IDF spokeswoman says Israeli forces used riot dispersal measures when the demonstrators began throwing stones and empty bottles at their soldiers.

At least 10 Palestinians were shot and wounded during the clashes.

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Palestinian protester, Israeli troops

Although violence is a part of everyday life in the embattled region, tensions in West Bank escalated after Israeli incursions into Al-Aqsa mosque earlier this month.

The raids triggered multiple stabbings and attacks, killing eight Israelis and more than 55 Palestinians. An innocent bystander, an Eritrean migrant, also became a victim of the violence when he was shot and beaten to death by an Israeli mob after being mistaken as an accomplice in a terrorist attack.

Benjamin Netanyahu, joint news conference in Berlin

Meanwhile, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the possibility of revoking the permanent Israeli residency of some East Jerusalem Palestinians.

It’s a measure that, if adopted, would deprive approximately 80,000 Palestinians in East Jerusalem of basic rights and necessities such as medical care, education and shelter.

A far more reasonable response to the hostilities came from New Zealand’s Foreign Minister Murray McCully, who is preparing a resolution for the United Nations Security Council.  

His proposal calls on Israel to freeze its illegal expansion and demolition of Palestinian homes in the West Bank and also urges Palestinians to stop submitting complaints against Israel at the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

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Perhaps Netanyahu should take a leaf out of McCully’s book and come up with solutions that put an end to the West Bank violence instead of exacerbating it.

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