Does Benjamin Netanyahu Live In Servant’s Quarters?

Netanyahu cried poor, but is accused of living high on the hog off taxpayer money.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu impressed a lot of people after he shared a tour video of his “humble” home on his Facebook page.

Indeed, it doesn’t look like the place belongs to one of the most powerful leaders on the planet with creaking doors, tattered rugs and a messy kitchen.

Everything about the house is just fantastic – except for one thing: it may not be Netanyahu’s.

It has emerged that the video shot by Moshik Galamin, a celebrity home designer, for Israel’s Channel 10 was in fact recorded in the prime minister’s servants' quarters.

This means that when Bibi’s wife Sara Netanyahu shows Galamin around, grumbling about how the couple didn't have enough money to fix the furniture and the kitchen before the U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit in 2013, she was lying.

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The controversy erupted as Israel’s State Comptroller Judge (ret.) Joseph Shapira published a “very critical” report on how taxpayer money had been improperly spent by Bibi and his wife on food, maintenance, cleaning and hairdressing.

"The expenses of the prime minister, his family and his guests in the official prime minister's residence in Jerusalem in 2012 were not consistent with the basic principles of proportionality, reasonableness, thrift and efficiency," Shapira stated.

"A public servant, however senior, should be expected to show more public sensitivity, and to behave during his term in office in accordance with the principles of proper public behavior."

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Early elections for the 20th Knesset will be held in Israel on March 17. However, keeping the latest news reports into consideration, it’s going to be a tough fight for Netanyahu.

You can watch the controversial video shot by Galamin below:

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