Israeli Police Clash With Protesters

(ITN) Violent clashes have broken out between Palestinian-Israelis and Israeli police in response to a demonstration by members of a right-wing Jewish group in the town of Umm al-Fahm in northern Israel.

Israeli police fired tear gas at a crowd of Palestinian-Israelis who had gathered to protest against the march by about 70 "Our Land of Israel" supporters through the mainly Arab town.

The Jewish protesters were calling for the Islamic movement led by Sheikh Raed Salah to be made illegal.

Dozens of young Palestinians threw stones at police, who had been deployed to prevent a repeat of the violence that took place last year.

The police responded with tear gas and baton charges, Al Jazeera's Sherine Tadros reported.

"Certainly police were expecting this kind of violence and it has manifested itself," she said.

Plainclothes Israeli police officers were seen amongst the Palestinian protesters with handguns firing shots. Protesters have said that they believe live ammunition was used, a charge which Israeli police deny.

Hundreds of riot police were deployed in anticipation of violence on Tuesday. Other units are also on alert across northern Israel and helicopters were patrolling the skies.

But while police acted to separate the marchers from the town's populations, the messages on their signs - that Israel should "be cleansed" of its Palestinian inhabitants – were