Video Shows Israeli Soldiers Shooting Terrified Palestinian Woman

Amna Shoaib
Israel claims IDF soldiers opened fire because Israa Abed tried to stab a soldier. That's a blatant lie.

Israeli Defense Forces on Oct. 9 surrounded and shot a 28-year-old Palestinian mother and student, Israa Abed.

Israeli forces, as the video of the incident clearly shows, yelled at Abed to put her hands up, an order she obeyed. The young victim is visibly terrified at this point as she cowers and even attempts to shield her face. While she stands there, unmoving, the soldiers open fire at her. Abed crumples down and lies motionless.

While this series of events is obvious to anyone who watches the video, the Israeli state invented an entirely other story and tried to sell its own mangled version to the world. The latest claim to emerge from the authorities is that Abed was trying to stab a soldier (how could she? She was standing away from them) and was therefore "neutralized" (is that what we're calling gunning someone down now?)

Israel's lies are obvious just by viewing the video one time. But many media outlets have decided to give more weight to the words of a country accused of severe human rights violations than to concrete evidence. The woman is referred to as the one "wielding a knife." Other news agencies simply didn't report on this murder.

Israel claims that the victim suffered moderate injuries, while many Palestinians are adamant that she was killed.

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