Here’s How Israeli Soldiers Interrogate Palestinian Kids During House Raids

This experience must have terrified these young children.

Armed Israeli soldiers have been banging down the doors of Palestinian houses to interrogate and photograph young kids in an effort to track down the children who have been throwing rocks at them, revealed B’Tselem, an Israeli human rights group.

Recently released footage shows masked men forcefully enter an Arab home in the dead of the night and order the parents to wake up their kids. Captured by a B’Tselem volunteer, the video shows the soldiers asking a 9-year-old if he is responsible for throwing the rocks.

The terrified kid denies the accusation but the soldiers still snap pictures of him and his siblings.

“We are getting reports of nightly searches by soldiers demanding that Palestinian kids be woken up,” said Sarit Michaeli, an activist working for B'Tselem. “The Palestinians in the West Bank live under Israeli military law so currently the army doesn't need a warrant or permit to enter Palestinian homes.”

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B’Tselem has distributed almost 200 cameras among the residents of the occupied West Bank to record the violence committed by the Israeli army in the area.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military admits that the video is authentic.

“The forces shown in the video operate in an area where there are frequent attempts, sometimes by minors, to maim and kill Israeli civilians,” it said in a statement. "The [Israel Defense Forces] carries out a vast range of activities, both overt and covert, to prevent situations in which terrorists hurl rocks at moving vehicles and within residential areas, endangering both Israelis and Palestinians.”

It’s a pity that for these Israeli soldiers, throwing rocks is a crime offensive enough that it requires threatening kids with guns.

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